The Versatile Monument Sign!
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Illuminated Monument Signs
We're well into August and as the final days of summer approach, we bring to you Monument Signs 101! These exterior signs can be fabricated using brick, stone, stucco, metal and foam and finishes on these signs range from brick to stone to stucco. Then of course there are lighbox cabinet monument signs!

The monument sign to the right is just that type of sign and was fabricated using aluminum and a brick base holds the cabinet nicely.

In this issue, we'll look at our most popular types of monuments using:

  • Bricks
  • Stones
  • Foam

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Jane and Bill Swanson

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Foam Monument Signs

Foam Monument Signs

This foam monument sign fabricated for Kennesaw Landing is also illuminated. Powered by solar panels, this energy-saving sign helps cut utility costs. Foam signs can save between 30 to 40 percent over brick or stone signs. (Learn More)


Stone monument signs

Brick Monument Signs

Using brick for your monument sign means a professional and durable exterior sign. It's easy to insert acrylic panels or logo boxes inside these brick signs, a striking look for any business. (Learn More)

Stone Monument Signs

Stone Monument Signs

Stone monuments are popular for housing subdivisions. Acrylic facings are easily installed inside the stone to name the property. Many subdivisions add lighting, greenery and waterfalls to these types of signs. (Learn More)

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