ADA Braille Room Signs

Welcome to our ADA Braille Room Signs at Signs & More! As specialists in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III regulated signs, we take pride in offering top-notch signage solutions that blend accessibility with impeccable style.

ADA signs play a crucial role in ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These signs are designed to provide information and guidance in various public spaces, making them more inclusive and user-friendly for everyone.

ADA signs serve many essential purposes:
1. Accessibility: They guide individuals with disabilities, providing information about the layout of a space, where accessible facilities are located, and how to navigate the environment.
2. Safety: ADA signs often include important safety information, such as emergency exit signs with instructions to help ensure the well-being of all occupants.
3. Compliance: ADA signs are required by law to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to public facilities - anywhere the public may enter.

To ensure ADA compliance, there are specific design guidelines that must be followed when creating these signs. Key aspects include:
Contrast: ADA signs should have a high-contrast color scheme, making the text and graphics easy to read for those with visual impairments.
Tactile Features: Braille is an essential element of ADA signs, enabling individuals with visual impairments to read and understand the information. Tactile raised characters are also important in ADA signs.
Pictograms: Symbols and graphics are used to convey information universally, ensuring that individuals with different language abilities can understand the signs.
Size and Placement: ADA signs must be installed at specific heights and positions, making them easily accessible to people in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments. And it makes it easy for impaired people to find them.
Typeface: A simple, sans-serif font is recommended for optimal readability. There are a number of fonts that are available for use.

ADA signs are required in various public places, including:  Restrooms: Signs indicating restroom facilities, gender-neutral restrooms, and accessible restrooms.  Exits: Emergency exit signs must include tactile text and Braille for safety.  Room Identification: Signs that label rooms, offices, and other spaces within a building.  Parking Lots: ADA-compliant parking signs designate accessible parking spaces.  Elevators and Stairwells: These signs provide information about floor numbers, elevator operation, and stairwell exits.

Our comprehensive range includes a variety of options to suit your unique requirements. From standard signs to fully customized designs, we have the expertise to incorporate Braille and Tactile Letters seamlessly. Whether you're looking for a professional, clean look, corporate branding or a basic design, our team is here to bring your vision to life.

We go above and beyond by offering the option to print logos or designs on the back or front of the signs, adding an extra layer of personalization and pizzazz. Each sign is meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail, ensuring compliance with ADA regulations without compromising on visual appeal.

Do you need to add changeable employee names, job titles or room uses to your signs? We incorporate windows that accept paper tags for identification that you can add.

ADA Room Sign with Name WindowsADA Room Sign with Window Slots

Back-printed ADA Sign with Logo and DesignADA Sign with Logo Background

Shaped ADA Braille Sign with Logo in Background, Name Slot and Decorative Aluminum TrimShaped ADA Braille Sign with Logo in Background, Name Slot and Decorative Aluminum Trim, Acworth Recreation Center ADA Sign

ADA Signs with Tracks to Hold NamesLewis Elementary ADA Signs with Tracks to hold names

Tactile & Braille Suite Sign - ChangeableADA-Changeable-Suite-Sign

ADA Room Sign with Changeable Name Slot and Corporate Color MatchADA Room Sign with Name Slot

Standard/Basic ADA Restroom Signs

Basic ADA Signs - 3-D Printed

Custom ADA Restroom Sign - Shape, Color, Trim PieceCustom ADA Sign -Shape and Trim

Custom ADA Restroom Sign - Colors, Figures, Back PaintedCustom ADA Restroom Sign