Caring for your Banners


Your banner is made out of vinyl. Banners are strong but should not be considered a substitute for a permanent sign made of a more rugged material such as metal or plastic.


We provide holes with grommets in the corners of your banner for easy hanging. If you plan on hanging your banner, make sure it is anchored securely. Zip ties and bungee cords are best for anchoring. The banner should be taut, but not stretched tight. It may be necessary to cut “wind slits” in your banner if you expect to have high winds against it. Wind slits enable the wind to flow through the banner without excessive force.


Periodic cleaning will keep your banner looking great.

FOR VINYL BANNERS: To clean, use water and a mild detergent. Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

FOR DIGITALLY PRINTED BANNERS: To clean, use water ONLY. Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals that can remove the ink from the banner.


Banners should always be rolled for storage. Never fold your banner. It will make creases that will not easily come out. It is best to roll the banner around a tube.

If your banner is lettered with VINYL GRAPHICS, roll the banner with the letters facing the OUTSIDE. This prevents the letters from peeling on the edges.

If your banner is DIGITALLY PRINTED, roll the banner with the letters facing the INSIDE. This prevents scratches and ink on ink contact.

If you’re not sure if your banner is "applied vinyl graphics" or "digitally printed", please call us and ask.

Due to environmental conditions that can be extreme at times, we cannot be held responsible for damage that might occur to a banner while in use.