Channel Letter Signs - LED

Channel letters are individually cut and internally illuminated to promote your business day or night. The finish color can either compliment or contrast with its surroundings. The face of the letter is made of acrylic. There are two main types of mountings: raceway mount and individual letter.


The raceway mount consists of a long metal box that is used to contain all the electrical components. It also allows the letters to be fastened to a building structure as one unit with less holes in the wall. The individual letters mount with each letter attached individually to the wall. All necessary power supplies are remotely wired inside through the wall.

With the advent of LED Channel Letters which took the place of most Neon Channel Letters, Channel Letter Signs are now not only much more energy efficient, but they are more reliable as well.  And when power supplies (instead of transformers) or LEDs (instead of bent neon tubes) do wear out, they are much easier and less expensive than their neon counterparts to replace/repair.

Individual Channel Letters on Decorative BackerIronTribe_Lighted_Building_Sign_Dimensional_Repair 

Budget Indoor LED Channel LettersBudget Indoor LED Channel Letters

Individual LED Channel LettersPhysicians Immediate Med LED Channel Letters

 Arby's LED Channel LettersArby's LED Channel Letters

Channel Letters - 2 Sides of FrontageNeon Channel Letters

RGB Color Changeable Halo-Lighted Channel Letters for Governors Med Spa - Day ViewColor-Changing-Channel-Letters

Color Changing Channel Letter Sign - Night View - Christmas ColorsColor Changing Channel Letter Sign, Business Sign

Channel Letters with Silver Fronts & Logo BoxLighted Channel Letters & Logo Box

Night View of Channel Letters & Logo Box Lighted Channel Letters at Night, blue lighted channel letter sign

Halo-Lighted Direct Mount Channel Letters



Four Feet Tall Halo-Lighted Channel Letters