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A Look at Subdivision Monument Signs for Atlanta

Posted by Bill Swanson on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

Separating larger housing developments into subdivisions is an excellent move by developers who want to give the areas a certain feel, charm or atmosphere. Within these subdivisions, structures may either offer single family or multi-family residences. Setting the tone for the look of the neighborhood is the use of subdivision monument signs. For Atlanta homebuyers, these markers are frequently the first introduction to the area and can have a huge impact on their buying decisions.

Getting the Look Right

Subdivision Monument Signs for Atlanta

When you want to impress potential homebuyers, it makes sense to pay close attention to the material you use. Usually, you have two choices: foam or concrete. Foam monuments now come in a wide range of preformed shapes and sizes. This material is durable and weather resistant. It allows for the integration of style elements that mimic the look of bricks, wood and similar natural accents.

Subdivison Monument Sign Fabrication Atlanta

Fabricating a monument sign

Concrete monuments are custom-built at your location. We discuss the height and width you are looking for and take into consideration the landscaping around the marker site. We then create the sign and incorporate the style elements you desire. Bricks are the most commonly requested accent. On both types of markers, facings may feature acrylic, metal or sandblasted signage components.

A Closer Look at the Facing

HOA Monument Signs Atlanta

The finished monument

A washed out look is unattractive on neighborhood community monument signs for Atlanta. Homeowner association representatives frequently contact our professionals at Signs & More to refurbish existing signage to freshen up the look of the facing. We work with dark acrylic and metal for best results. Adding the lettering may involve the use of laminated foam, plastic or aluminum.

Neighborhood Entrance Monument Signs Atlanta

Lighting is another component that appeals to those in charge of the subdivision signage’s look. When you install a lightbox cabinet into the monument, lighting is done directly via the marker. When you prefer the use of non-lit facings, we recommend the installation of expertly positioned landscape lights that illuminate the marker after dark.

When the Traditional Look is Not to Your Liking

HDU Painted and Stone Monument Signs Atlanta

The majority of subdivisions prefer the addition of traditional signage products. This includes the use of bricks, as is the case with Rustling Pines, or of river rocks as the Cliffs showcase. Yet if this is simply not expressing the mood you want to set, take a page from the playbook of Mountainbrook, which chose a lumber post look to which we added an attractive gold on black facing. The look is sophisticated and unique.

Finding Your Look

Our graphics design experts welcome the opportunity to visit your location for a site survey. We take in the look and feel of the neighborhood as well as of the surrounding subdivisions. Next, we look over the artwork that you already have on file. If you do not yet have anything put together, do not worry. We can design the look of your marker from scratch.

Atlanta Subdivision Monument Signs

Once you are satisfied with the artwork we provide and believe that we have perfectly captured your vision of the intended marker, we handle the permitting process. Next, we manufacture and then professionally install the signage product. Before long, your marker will succeed at setting the tone for the neighborhood.

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