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A Look at What Sandblasted Signs Can Do for Your Business

Posted by Bill Swanson on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 09:55 AM

Ordering sandblasted signs for Cartersville, GA, businesses puts you in the company of professionals who like to go for the wow factor. These signs look great on your façade or mounted perpendicular to the wall on an ornate hook. Combine the look with a monument or post and panel sign for additional display options.

Understanding the Beauty behind the Sandblasting Process

Exterior Sandblasted Signs Cartersville GA

We start with a substrate that becomes the sign board. After discussing the design that you favor, we create a stencil and use it to mask off portions of the panel. Next, we begin the sandblasting process, which eats away at the material that is not covered. After we are done, we remove the stencil, clean the product and then apply primer, paint and a finish of your choice.

Who Uses this Sign Option? How?

Sandblasted Signs Cartersville GA

There are plenty of uses for sandblasted signs. Case in point is our State Farm client who selected a sandblasted cedar board for his signage. We added the brand-specific red and white paint. Even so, the sign stands out because of the manufacturing technique our technicians used. Also, it fits in perfectly with the surrounding area. As a result, our client is a highly visible part of the local business community who succeeds in differentiating himself from the competition with a creative signage choice.

Of course, you do not have to be in the insurance business to appreciate the unique character that sandblasting gives to your sign. These types of products are also suitable for exterior signs mounted in front of law firms, accountancy offices, and retail locations. On the interior, they are ideal for the retail environment where the classy look and wow factor can make a difference in the buying decisions of the shoppers. These products also make great wayfinding displays.

Combining Sandblasted Signs with Other Products

Routed Signs for Cartersville GA

When you want to go for the one-two branding or marketing punch, consider pairing this product solution with window graphics or framed posters. The graphics use your glass panes to show off images and lettering that supports your branding message. Posters add the splashes of color that create excellent marketing points. Advertise products, services or seasonal specials in this way.

Discussing Your Signage Needs with the Experts

When you are thinking of ordering sandblasted signs in Cartersville, GA, our graphic artists meet with you for a consultation. The goal is to understand the vision that you have for the entire display. We want to learn more about your color preferences, the lettering or logo style elements that will stand out from the backdrop, and the mounting location for the product that you have had in mind.

This is a great opportunity for us to take measurements and to discuss sizing options. At the same time, we offer you our professional opinion concerning ideal mounting choices. In some situations, you may discover that your needs could be better served with a routed sign. If this is the case, the gladly explain the routing process and show you the results that this manufacturing method yields. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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