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Posted by Bill Swanson on Fri, Aug 06, 2010 @ 09:00 AM

To Wrap Or Not To Wrap - That’s A Silly Question

Let’s look at the reasons someone would not want to wrap their commercial vehicle. Umm,  ahh,  hum. Nope, I cannot think of one good reason not to wrap your vehicle.  When you consider other forms of advertising, WRAPS WIN on every account.

  • Newspapers:  $1300 /wk.  2” x2” ad.   Have a good local market exposure but are short lived and poor reproduction quality.
  • Television:  $200000 / 30 sec.   Great mass market yet is extremely expensive for the return on investment.
  • Direct mail:  $1500 / 1000 4” x 6” postcard.    High pinpoint market exposure and allows personification.  Has “Junk Mail” image
  • Radio:  $90 - $12 / week.    Highly geographic, demographic and selective, but is audio only and low attention notice.
  • Magazines:  $1200 - $5000 / month.   Provides prestige and credibility with long shelf life.  Is expensive with no guarantee of position.
  • Billboards:  $4000 - $500000 / 16 weeks. depending on demographic exposure.  High repeat exposure, no competition.  Limited audience selectivity, limited creativity.
  • Online:   $.60 - $10 / click or $1200 - $5000 / month.  (Does not include search engine optimization)  Low cost, immediate, and interactive.  Small demographically diverse audience, low impact, and audience controls exposure.

Note:  prices reflected are negotiated prices for a 12 week campaign (Information provided by Inland Empire Small Business Development Center)

Message on Car Wrap is easier to see than Message on ShirtCar Wrap

Vehicle wraps are rolling billboards – WORKING 24/7.  They cannot be denied access as some installed signs may encounter (they are the last no-permit-required outside business signs).  They are eye-popping and can employ great imagination.  The cost ($2000 - $5000) is minimal considering the constant exposure the vehicle provides.

Bring us your “Rolling Billboard” and let us get your message ON THE ROAD.

CiCi's Pizza Delivery SUV WrapCiCi's Pizza SUV Wrap

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