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In What File Is Your Logo Hidden?

Posted by Signs & More on Mon, Sep 20, 2010 @ 09:10 AM

When getting a new sign or print work, such as a lobby sign, have you been asked what type of file your art work/logo is in?  Do you know where to find this file?  You may have the file on your computer and not know it or you are unable to open it.

Your designer has probably created your art/logo in a file known as Encapsulated Postscript (EPS).  This is a program that describes an illustration or an entire page.  Sometimes EPS files are called EPSF files.  This simply means Encapsulated Postscript Format. 

EPS Logo for Cutting Shapes for Lobby SignSundial Plumbing Logo

Why is this file so important to designers?  The EPS file is one of the most versatile file formats available.  It can contain text, graphics and images.  Many designers prefer this type file due to the ability to incorporate so many aspects of design and art work.  Your sign company can enlarge this type file to any size without the image becoming pixilated (having jagged edges).  Letters, images, logos are stored as shapes instead of a bunch of dots.  Shapes can be enlarged indefinitely, maintaining clear lines and colors. Dots need to be small and close together to look good.

Non-Vector Fuzzy Dots vs. Vector Sharp Shapes

Non-Vector Art Vector Art

You may not be able to open your logo directly from your designer’s EPS file due to your computer not having a design program that supports this type of file.  Most computers do not come with this type program.  However, due to a sub extension in the EPS file, you can import this file into a document such as Word and it will open as a TIFF file for your preview.

EPS files are a type of “Vector” file.  Your sign company may ask for a vector file in order to expand your art/logo to billboard size.  Your file extension should be .AI, .EPS, .SVG or .DRW.  Any of these extensions are vector files that can be expanded as large as the job requires. Click here for instructions how to send your files to Signs & More.

Don’t worry about your file extension, our designers at Signs & More, Inc. (770-383-8808) work with all types of vector files to create the best look for your sign.

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