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United States Navy - Fixing their Trailer Wrap in Marietta

Posted by Signs & More on Mon, Jul 13, 2015 @ 10:30 AM

The US Navy Recruiting Station in Marietta had a vehicle wrap done by one of those “too good to be true” people and unfortunately, it WAS too good to be true.  Their truck and trailer had lots of “issues” and was falling apart just a few months after being wrapped. 

US Navy Truck - Bubbles and Wrinkles - (Done by another sign company)Peeling Wrap Hood

US Navy Trailer - Sides Don't Match at Front -  (Done by another sign company)Sides Don't Match

Sadly, we hear this all too often in our business.  We totally understand that customers can’t “break the bank” for their vehicle advertising.  However, here are some reasons why we don’t do the cheap “too good to be true” pricing.  We have “redone” many wrap jobs due to one or more of the following issues:

  1. Material – We will not skimp on the materials we use.  Signs & More uses only the best vinyl recommended for vehicle wraps.  We want our customers to get the most "bang for their buck" and be happy with their purchase.  Unless you want to be redoing your wrap a LOT sooner than later, be sure your vehicle wrap company isn’t using a cheap knock-off or skipping the IMPORTANT over-laminate layer.  The bad material tears and peels and does not hold up well.  You will not find this at Signs & More. 
  2. Seams – We see a LOT of previously wrapped vehicles come in with unhappy owners due to seams not matching up and being very visible.  This distorts the look of the design and is just shoddy craftsmanship.
  3. Bubbles – Lots of these will lead to tearing and a crummy look to your vehicle.  Is this the impression you want your customers to have of your business?  Unfortunately this happens all too often with the cheap wrap companies. 
  4. Peeling or Buckling– If the wrap company doesn’t post heat the job and/or use primer, you can bet this will happen.  This is when the material does not stay down near the door handles or seams.  A lot of companies just do the job quickly to get it out the door ASAP. 
  5. Discoloration – Many of the too good to be true companies overheat and overstretch their vinyl which leads to a discoloring of the design and material.  Inexpensive vinyl or leaving off the over-laminate will cause this, too. 
  6. Trimming – Lines need to be cut straight to have a smooth look.  You wouldn’t believe the number of crooked / kindergarten-looking cuts that we have seen. 
  7. Wrinkles – Having these will cause the material to lift and eventually start peeling away. 

At Signs & More you will find that our price probably won’t be the cheapest for your vehicle wrap.  However, we stand behind the quality of our work and will leave you pleased with your investment.

Navy Recruitment Trailer WrapNavy Recruiting Trailer Wrap



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