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Using Custom Plaques for Memorial & Dedication Signs

Posted by Bill Swanson on Mon, Apr 20, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

The elegance and sophistication that define the memorial plaques Atlanta businesses and non-profit organizations choose for their venues are not lost on those visiting there. Whether the product serves to commemorate an event or a person, or is chosen to dedicate a building or other structure to public use, there is something special about these markers that goes beyond the display options of other signage products.

Donor Plaques

Donor Plaques Atlanta

Churches, animal shelters and non-profit organizations rely on donations to fund the outstanding work that they do in the communities. Commemorating the contributions from large donors, from members of the business community and from government entities that may have offered a grant is best done with a long-lasting plaque. Using this method allows for the addition of future donor names as well.

Memorial Signage

Memorial Metal Plaques Atlanta

Did your school have that one coach or professor who changed lives while coaching or teaching? Every school – from elementary levels all the way through university – has at least one of these priceless individuals who tirelessly give their all to serve the students and enrich their lives beyond school hours. When this professional retires, it is a wonderful gesture to dedicate a memorial plaque to her or him. Featuring the school logo and motto, the plaque might feature the name of the individual as well as the years of service given to the school.

Structure Dedication

Building Dedication Plaques Atlanta

Although you do not see if very often with buildings anymore, bridges, gyms and parks frequently still display dedication plaques. Atlanta builders, investors and community organizers appreciate the opportunity to imbue new structures with a taste of a city’s history and information about important residents who have helped to shape the look and fell of the locale. Sometimes, it is a still-living person while at other times the dedication may pay homage to an organization that serves the city.

Getting the Right Look

At Signs & More, we understand that the plaque, which works great for one group, will not necessarily meet your needs completely. For this reason, we offer you multiple options for unique customization of the product. Cast plaques are ideal for displays featuring raised characters and a recessed background. You have the option of adding texture to the background to further enhance the look of your plaque. Examples include the illusion of sand or leatherette. Opt for coloration or stick with the attractive look of the polished metal.

Metal Plaques Atlanta

Etched metal plaques are better choices when you intend to add a lot of lettering to the product. For example, when you plan to commemorate a donor or other significant person by adding a brief biography as well as the impact the person has had on the community, this option allows you for a crisper look that makes even a lot of text easy on the eyes. Talk to our custom plaque experts for information on these products as well as on the other signage solutions we offer. We look forward to working with you on the creation of the types of plaques that uniquely suit your needs.

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