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Vehicle Graphics: The Benefits of Advertising on Vehicles

Posted by Bill Swanson on Wed, Feb 24, 2016 @ 11:33 AM

When you use vehicle graphics in Georgia, you add a mobile marketing facet to your advertising tools. If you are still on the fence whether this is a good option for your particular business or field, consider the benefit of putting your branding and marketing messages on the company’s vehicles.

Top 3 Benefits of Advertising on Company Vehicles


Whether you use trucks, cars or vans, our technicians can adjust a graphics product to fit the size and shape of the vehicle. Once you invest in this technology, there is a good chance that you will see certain benefits of this advertising approach.

  1. Increased visibility of your brand. Whether you are a landscaper, operate a restaurant that also runs a catering business or provide mobile notary services to mortgage applicants, putting your company’s name and contact information on the vehicle increases your firm’s exposure. Your brand becomes visible to consumers who may have never heard of you before.
  2. Target marketing. For contractors who focus on serving particular neighborhoods and communities, it makes sense to drum up business from among those neighbors who have not yet signed up for the service. For example, landscapers and house cleaners seek to add more customers in their respective territories. Doing so is easier when neighbors see you at work at another resident’s home. The vehicle graphics identify your business while parked.
  3. Round the clock advertising. The newspaper ad gets recycled when the paper is thrown out. The radio spot may or may not play when your targeted demographic is listening. A magazine ad is costly. A billboard is at the mercy of traffic patterns. Besides, when your money runs out, the ads stop – usually after a week or so. Vehicle graphics provide you with about five years of round-the-clock advertising. Unless you lock up the treated car, truck or van in a garage, folks see your messages at any time.

What are Your Options?

Full WrapBest Vehicle Wraps in Georgia

Now that you know about the benefits of advertising on cars in Georgia consider the options that are open to you. As always when we work with business clients, our graphic artists understand that one size does not fit all. For example, for the customer who wants all the bells and whistles, we recommend a full vehicle wrap. This product covers your car like a second skin and features an artistic design with graphics, lettering, messages and contact information.

Partial Wrapcargo_van_wrap-resized-600.jpg

When you like to dial it back just a little, consider the commission of a partial wrap. In this situation, we incorporate the color of your vehicle’s paint job into the wrap design. Doing so allows for the creation of some stunning looks. 

Cut Vinyltrucklettering-resized-600.jpg

Or simple cut vinyl graphics will do a lot of advertising for you, too.

For the fleet manager who needs to treat a lot of vehicles quickly, or for the entrepreneur who wants to hit the ground running, there is the vehicle graphics and lettering package. We spell out your company’s information with vinyl lettering while we use graphics to capture the eyes of passersby and to create mnemonic devices that make name recognition and brand awareness building easy for the prospective customer.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and to start on your vehicle graphics design.

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